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We possess wealth of knowledge in the HVAC Design and Drafting. We have well trained Engineers and Draftsman to handle all kinds of projects. The projects can be undertaken from the Design stage.



Heat Ventilation & Air Conditioning

Lalit Interior is a certified provider of easy to install HVAC duct design layout, detailing and drawing services. All the segments of HVAC project; be it designing, detailing or drafting are handled by expertise and delivered in quiet simple and easy to understand format.

Team of highly experienced engineers work based on the exact requirements of MEP projects that eventually facilitate clients with complete HVAC duct design services that helps in regulating the air-flow in a building. Electrical, plumbing and duct layout is precisely designed based on the building layout provided by clients.

Our HVAC Services Includes:

  • Heating Ventilation and Air-conditioning (HVAC)

  • Heat Load Calculations (HAP, E20)

  • All Smoke & Ventilation Calculation

  • External Static Pressure (ESP) Calculation

  • Chilled Water Pump Head Calculation

  • Chilled Water Pressure Drop Calculation

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